Returning To Work: A Young Mum’s Story

Georgie Dansey is a mum of two, who works part time for the Post Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA). She likes to run, and explore, and is interested in building community back into an individualist society. _________________________________________________________________ I’m writing this from […]

Will Work for Living Wage

Okay… So, will work for any wage, because basically that’s the climate we live in. A job’s a job, and any wage is better than no wage, right? And that mentality is what’s wrong with the majority of under-waged employment […]

Another Year, Lots of New Dreams

Happy 2017 Young Workers! The YWRC is officially back open for business after a summer of rejigging, rejuvenating, and a bit of sweating! We’ve got a tonne of interesting things happening with the 2017 General Election rolling around a bit later this […]