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If you’re in need of work-related support, some advice around starting a job, or a template to help you on your way to advocating for yourself or someone else, we’ve got you covered!

The YWRC has compiled and created a comprehensive set of free-to-use templates, checklists and resources.

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YWRC Resources & Templates

Cover Letter Example & Guide

So you’re looking for a job, and need to provide a cover letter with your C.V. Check out this example and use it to guide you in writing your own.

C.V Example

So you’re looking for a job, and need to provide a C.V (Curriculum Vitae) to apply for most of the good ones. Check out this example and use it to guide you in writing your own C.V.

Self Reflection

If you’ve raised an issue informally with a manager, it’s a good idea to reflect on your own behaviour before making an decisions to escalate your concerns. Use this template to guide your line of thinking, but don’t show it to your manager or employer.

Resignation Letter Template

It might be time to leave your current job, but how do you go about doing that? Check out this template and use it to end your employment relationship.

Written Complaint

If an issue hasn’t been sorted out after you’ve raised it informally with a manager, you might decide to progress to a written complaint. Use this template to guide your line of thinking. 

Discussion Plan

The process of resolving conflict can be intimidating and emotional. Use this template to write down everything you want to bring up before going into a meeting with your manager, employer, or other related parties.

Record of Discussion

It’s hard to remember everything said in any meeting. Use this template to write down everything that is said during a meeting with your manager, employer, or other related parties.

Personal Grievance Letter

If the employment relationship has broken down beyond repair, it’s possible you will be considering raising a Personal Grievance. Use this template to guide you writing a PG letter to your employer. 

Get Free Employment Help

Get in touch with the Young Workers Resource Centre if you or someone you know is experiencing issues/mistreatment in the workplace.

So, I’m just gonna go ahead and assume that most of you have heard a whisper or two this year. That the gender pay gap is the worst it’s been in about 10 years. – But what does that actually mean?

Because I’m working at Macca’s earning $15.25/hour (the current adult Minimum Wage, for those of you who didn’t know). And my male co-worker is also earning $15.25/hour, then where’s the inequality?


Despite research undertaken by the Ministry of Innovation and Employment saying that many graduates are coming out of tertiary study to similar salaries. The current pay gap between men and women is still around 11%.

That means that women in New Zealand are earning about $8000/year less than men.

A part of me wonders how that is possible!

In 2016 where employment rights, and even human rights are such a major focus of our society.

But then the research starts to trickle down theories that women are overlooked for top-paying roles.

Or are more likely to be in low paid trades like beauty therapy/hairdressing, or administration. And Government (under) funded industries like teaching, nursing, aged-care, or caring for the disabled.

While males are more likely to be looking for opportunities to be their own well-paid bosses. Or are particularly savvy when it comes to negotiating a higher pay-rate in the contract signing process.

This basically says to me that in 2016, somewhere along the line women still aren’t given the tools they require. To negotiate with, work for, and compete with men.

There is still an expectation that women are homemakers, taking time from work to have and raise children.

And this shocked me to read on the Ministry for Women website (, there is still an idea of “the appropriateness of different types of work for women and men”.

This outrages me.

And is surely discriminatory?!

There isn’t a quick fix for gender pay inequality, but it starts with raising awareness and having the conversation.

And now that we have, what are we going to do about it?

I leave you with the wise words of one James Brown: “This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a woman, or a girl.”