So, you’ve seen the 2016 Song by those two charming, cursing, British broads… And there is no denying that this year delivered us some real doosies. Losing Alan Rickman might be the worst thing that ever happened in life; but we just wanted to point out that actually 2016 delivered us a few blessings too.

In the name of finishing this year on a positive note, and throwing the middle finger at 2016 just in case this year really does have it in for us… Here’s the Young Workers Resource Centre’s list of:

15 Really Great Things That Happened in 2016

  1. The YWRC recruited Erina Stockman as our second Educator-Coordinator.
  2. British Triathlete Alistair Brownlee pushed his dehydrated brother over the World Series finish line in Mexico so they would both get to finish the race.
  3. Our Minimum Employment Rights and Responsibilities workshop reached over 2000 young people and students.
  4. Leonardo DiCaprio won an Academy Award.
  5. Volunteers in India planted 50 million trees in 24 hours.
  6. A partnership between the YWRC and Stand Up was born in creating ‘Stand Up for Students’.
  7. The entire nation of Portugal operated solely on renewable energy for 4 consecutive days.
  8. A new Harry Potter book was published.
  9. Genetically engineered immune cells have started saving the lives of cancer patients…
  10. Progress was halted on construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline thanks to protests around the world.
  11. Solar powered glass was invented.
  12. A new Star Wars movie hit cinemas.
  13. We launched a brand new website for the Young Workers Resource Centre.
  14. John Key stepped down as the Prime Minister of NZ.
  15. NZ Olympic runner Nikki Hamblin helped a competitor finish the 5000m heats after a heart-breaking fall in Rio.

That’s not a bad line-up if we say so ourselves. 2016, you weren’t as crap as everyone says you were… But if we could not lose a crap tonne of beloved celebs, and maybe get a change of NZ government in 2017, that’d be pretty cool too.

Hope you all have a fab Christmas, and are hurtling safely towards the New Year.

Mel and Erina


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