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9am – 4.30pm
Monday – Friday

0800 289 972

[email protected]


Waikato Trade Union Centre
(Ground Floor)
34 Harwood Street
Hamilton Central
Hamilton, 3204

Or get in touch with one of our friendly team on the contact details below. And if you’re a young worker in need of help, head to our Free Help page and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Caitlin Wilson
Help Centre Coordinator
[email protected]
DDI: (07) 242 0186

Charmaine Heyes
Young Worker Advocate
[email protected]
DDI: 07 242 0191

Tony Stevens
General Manager
[email protected]
DDI: (07) 242 0186

Matariki Roche
Comms Coordinator
[email protected]
DDI: (07) 242 0189

Stephanie Balsom
Education – Waikato
[email protected]
DDI: (07) 242 0188

Oliver Cull
Education – Auckland
[email protected]
DDI: (09) 242 1627

Thanks to organisations like these ones, you’re able to keep contacting us for all of your work-related questions:

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