Te Whare Kaimahi Rangatahi leads the way in NZ employment rights, providing free employment advocacy to anyone under 35 & employment education specifically designed for rangatahi and the modern classroom.  

About the YWRC


With its head office based at the Waikato Trade Union Centre in Hamilton, NZ, the Young Workers Resource Centre – Whare Kaimahi Rangatahi (YWRC) is a not for profit organisation founded on September 3, 1993 by Catherine Hodges. 

The YWRC proudly leads the way in New Zealand employment rights for young workers, because they’re the group most exploited. For that reason (and a bunch of others!) we provide our employment support to anyone under 35 for FREE!

A key part of the work we do is help rangatahi experiencing mistreatment at work. Usually this starts with a young worker getting in touch via the FREE HELP section of our website. Then we learn more about the young person’s employment issue and talk them through the options. We want to enable young workers to make informed decisions about their own employment. Sometimes we can solve a problem with a couple of conversations on the phone and an email. Other times we’ll suggest a meeting so we can get to the bottom of things. There’s no one way of coming to the rescue. Every case and situation is unique! 

The other key service we offer is the delivery of employment education workshops specifically designed for those in, or about to go into early employment experiences. YWRC education comes in the form of a 50-minute, interactive workshop, with activity book for rangatahi entering, or about to enter the workforce.