To help navigate our website, we've compiled information about the services we provide in one location, for educators in high schools, tertiary institutes, and private training organisations.

Like you, we're passionate about contributing to the futures of all rangatahi in NZ.

For us, this means promoting access to justice for issues experienced in the workplace, and educating young workers around their employment rights and obligations. 

From here you can book one of our educators to come and deliver our employment education workshops in your classroom; you can get free employment help for a student having issues at work; or you can order copies of our employment rights resource 'The Whole Picture'.

A part of what we do is help rangatahi experiencing mistreatment at work. We learn more about the young person's employment issue and talk them through the options...

The other key service we offer is the delivery of employment education workshops specifically designed for those in, or about about to go into employment...

Our employment rights resource 'The Whole Picture' is a comprehensive, 48-page, glossy, A5 booklet for teachers and young workers navigating their first employment experiences...

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If you're a human being who's passionate about protecting the future of NZ's
rangatahi and feel like you could make a difference in our organisation, check out the
Young Workers' Resource Centre's available positions.

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For the price of a cup of coffee, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of
NZ rangatahi, who are some of our country's most exploited and lowest paid employees...

If there's a question you can't find the answer to,
head on over to our Free Help page, tell us what
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