Donate to the Young Workers Resource Centre, and make a tangible difference in the lives of NZ rangatahi, right now. 

For the price of a cup of coffee, we can support young workers who are some of our country’s most exploited and lowest paid employees.

Over half of young working Kiwis will experience casual or fixed-term employment agreements, redundancy, youth rates, dependent contracting, 90 Day Trial Periods, and general mistreatment/bullying/discrimination.

Many of the young workers we interact with don’t have their heads around minimum employment rights, they don’t know how to advocate for themselves in tricky employment situations, and for the most part they’re not educated around the existence of workplace unions.

Which is where we come in. The YWRC proudly leads the way in NZ employment education and advocacy for young workers, but we rely on the kindness of our friends and sponsors to keep paving the way. Which is where you come in… 

If you’ve ever been young and had a job, you know how important employment education is, and how vital it is that we inspire rangatahi to become the best future employers and leaders they can be.

Donate now and become a secret superhero to the future of NZ’s young workers. 

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