Part 3. by YWRC acting-Chairperson Melissa Goodman.

Why the Young Workers Resource Centre (YWRC) matters to you?

Because on average, one-third of your life is spent in work (and that is only accounting for paid employment, not unpaid labour).


I think that matters, and so does the YWRC.

So, why does the YWRC matter so much to me

No one should be afraid to approach their supervisor, manager, employer, and/or CEO. They are human too, don’t forget it! There are plenty of good employers, and plenty of good managers who want the best for ALL staff. We cannot let the bad ones make us think that they are all bad.

Some employers get it wrong, that doesn’t make them bad, it just means that work is needed – that change may be needed. Talk to them, express your concerns, seek help and let them know.

Every single person that ever enters an arrangement of paid employment should be able to understand the contract that they are signing, and if they don’t – be able to seek the help they need to understand it.

This is why I think the YWRC matters most to me (and is relevant to almost everyone) …

Because we are all human, we are all earth dwellers, we all deserve a fair and just future. The YWRC can equip you with the language, understanding, help and support that you need.

If you are engaged in employment that is not covered by a collective agreement, if you want to make sure your contract is legit, if you are concerned your rights aren’t being respected, the YWRC can help you.

If you don’t understand what is needed to make a great CV, if you want to expand your knowledge on employee rights, if you need to know if you are being ripped off, the YWRC can help you.

I recommend that you stay realistic – don’t expect it to happen overnight – but change is certainly possible. Don’t shy away from letting your colleagues, supervisors, employers and directors know when things get totally twisted in your workplace. The chances are that if you are noticing it, so are other staff members. Your voice counts.

An average 90,000 hours are spent at work over a lifetime, that’s not really something to be disregarded. That is actually pretty epic and I am AMAZED at how our society doesn’t value a worker’s right to education and representation.

Like actually, WTF.

No one should be afraid to join a union, no one should be afraid to seek justice in their workplace, no one should feel anything less than human in their place of work.

When I am writing these I am not speaking on behalf of the YWRC in any capacity, but I am deeply passionate about the work that we do, the goals that we have and the values that we represent.

And although I do not speak for the staff, committee or organisation. I also find it hard to separate myself from the work that I do. Like many of us.

This too is why I think that knowing how work works is essential for EVERY ONE – work is an integral part of our lives and we should go in with eyes wide open.

The Young Workers Resource Centre stands for a fair and just future for every one.

Driven by values of Justice, Agency, Leadership, and Connection.

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