The new year arrived with a hiss and a bang; and by that I actually mean high winds, and a tonne of water and rain.

Not that I’m complaining that it isn’t bleedingly hot, but it certainly isn’t the stunning Summer many of us had hoped for. So with that, here I am in the YWRC office for another interesting year of young workers, their problems, and their exciting opportunities.

While 2017 bought us the departure of both Erina Stockman and Zanian Steele, we’re super excited to advertise the Business Manager position once again, and look forward to meeting all of the potential new recruits. (If you’re interested in working with me, watch this space!)

If you’re looking for a flexible work environment, with one existing staff member, (who I happen to think is pretty neat) this job could be for you.

I feel privileged coming to work knowing that tomorrow won’t be the same as today, and that I get to be a part of change in our community; regardless of how big or small. I love working with young people, and getting to experience their personalities and their modern outlooks on life and growing up in New Zealand. I enjoy participating in the community, and getting to know the people who work for other wonderful community organisations; and I relish challenging myself each and every day with various events, projects, workshops, and office-related activities.

If any of that sounds like a bit of you, hit us up when the job advert goes out later in January.

Aside from recruiting, very shortly we will be releasing the 2018 version of our employment education resource ‘The Whole Picture’. In the past we have found amazing volunteers to donate their time in the development of the booklet, but this year I am extremely proud to have revised ‘The Whole Picture’ in-house, with a little help from my colleagues and friends.



$10 (for 1x)
$90 (for 10x)

Available January 31st, 2018.






Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe and dry. And most importantly I hope you’re having a great break.

(YWRC Service Manager)

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