What is More Important..?

What is more important, a job that pays, or a job that you love? We’ve been asking our friends and followers that exact question and while the answer for some is an easy “a job you love”, there’s a lot […]

Introducing Kauri…

Ko Taupiri te maungaKo Waikato te awaKo Pootatau Te Wherowhero te tangataHe piko he taniwhaHe piko he taniwhaWaikato taniwharauKia ora taatou! My name is Kauri and I’ve recently come on board as the Young Workers Resouce Centre’s new Educator! I’m […]

Young workers, we hear you!

Melissa Goodman is an activist, a warrior for equality and fairness, and volunteer Chairperson for the Young Workers Resource Centre. Young people are affected by precarious identities. Rentals that are ever changing, as landlords hike rent prices ad hoc, flatmates […]

2020 Minimum Wage increase.

by Mel Martin It’s April 1st, which means today is the day both of NZ’s minimum wage rates go for another historic increase. The Starting Out Wage for people 16-17 in their first six months of work will increase to […]