The Young Workers’ Resource Centre (YWRC) is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping young people maintain fairness and achieve better experiences within the workplace. The YWRC reaches out to the greater parts of the Waikato, Bay of Plenty, King Country and Coromandel regions to offer education and support with this goal in mind.
As a student of Labour Studies at the University of Waikato, and though personal experiences, I have discovered that work is a vital part of every individual’s life in some way or another and can have a vast impact on their wellbeing. As the end of my studies approached I began thinking of applying for jobs and it seemed daunting. I had never written a CV before and had always gained my jobs through people I knew - I had no idea where to start! With this in mind I approached the Young Workers’ Resource Centre wanting to volunteer my services to create something that would benefit young people, like myself, trying to enter the working world.
What you are about to read is intended to be a helpful guide for those looking and applying for jobs. It has been created with a range of information and advice given by a variety of fantastic individuals including employers, career advisors and young people, utilizing their experiences and expectations of the job-hunting process.
Applying for jobs can be a difficult, stressful and frustrating challenge, but it is also exciting and hopefully with the help of this guide we can make that process a little bit easier for you.
- Stacey Stephenson

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