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The Young Workers' Resource Centre (YWRC) is dedicated to supporting rangitahi through meaningful employment experiences through employment education workshops.

Founded on 2nd September 1993, our primary objective is to provide education, information and assistance to young people about workplace issues. Our vision is for young people to be empowered in the workplace in a way that enhances well-being, fosters understanding and creates positive change in workplace relationships.

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To achieve the wonderful work they do, the YWRC is made up a committee of 10 volunteers and two paid, full-time staff members:

mel    erina

The Centre can offer expert advice and support on:

  •  Employment Agreements
  • Minimum Legal Requirements (including Minimum Rights and Employment Legislation)
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Discrimination (Human Rights)
  • Health and Safety
  • Workplace Unions

The YWRC visits high schools, private training establishments and other community sites to provide some or all of the following: a range of workshops on employment rights and obligations; resources and additional information; and a referral service. We also deliver workshops on employment-related unit standards under NZQA. Our service area encompasses the greater Waikato, King Country, Bay of Plenty and Coromandel regions.

The Young Workers Resource Centre are also proud Living Wage Employers.


Will Work for Living Wage

Will Work for Living Wage

Okay... So, will work for any wage, because basically that's the climate we live in. A job's a job, and any wage is better than no wage, right? And that mentality is what's wrong with the majority of under-waged employment situations in New Zealand. According to a article we caught, leading budget adviser Darryl Evans has said New Zealand should scrap the minimum wage […]
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Another Year, Lots of New Dreams

Another Year, Lots of New Dreams

Happy 2017 Young Workers! The YWRC is officially back open for business after a summer of rejigging, rejuvenating, and a bit of sweating! We've got a tonne of interesting things happening with the 2017 General Election rolling around a bit later this year. We'll be campaigning for young people like yourselves to get out and vote; which means you'll be hearing a lot about why we think […]
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15 Really Great Things That Happened in 2016.

15 Really Great Things That Happened in 2016.

So, you’ve seen the 2016 Song by those two charming, cursing, British broads… And there is no denying that this year delivered us some real doosies. Losing Alan Rickman might be the worst thing that ever happened in life; but we just wanted to point out that actually 2016 delivered us a few blessings too. In the name of finishing this year on a positive […]
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